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E-Procurement Online

Streamline & Automate
your Procurement Process

Easy to use,
Our intuitive platform simplifies any complex procurement process .
Simplify your purchasing, analyze your spending, and get back to what you do best with a completely digitized procurement platform.


A powerful, intuitive digital procurement platform for less

Our e- procurement platform has digitized the entire work stream for preparing your organizations procurement requirements and allowing suppliers to bid online.

How it works

E procurement, has 18 modules which allows u to build and prepare your procurement plans.

The digital requisitions and tender preparations are in line with the rules and regulations from National treasury
Every supplier once registered can bid for any proejct online without having to go through the current vast amount of paper documentation.

Our evaluation and adjudication processes have been further engineered to allow organizations to make quicker turn around on awarding.

Our solution is transparent and supports the elimination of fraud and corruption


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